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Impressions of WILSON

As with any great adventure, first impressions (good or bad) are lasting, and often very memorable.
For WILSON and his dear wife Yvonne, their first impressions of Malaysia and the Malaysian people
have been excellent.As expected, WILSON was very sure that he would be meeting with a very sincere
and gentle people, and He has certainly not been disappointed.

WILSON and his wife arrived at Miri on Wednesday 14th January and were met by the General Manager
of the Royal Mulu Resort Alan Robinson, and his dear wife Monica.

    They received a very warm and friendly welcome and
    welcome banners were on display at the Miri airport
    arrival lounge. WILSON had commented that, on stepping
    outside the aircraft, he immediately felt at home, and as
    a well seasoned traveller, was truly impressed with the high
    quality and cleanliness of Miri airport. As can be seen from
    the photograph,WILSON certainly looks at home. First stop
    was to the Marriott Hotel in Miri.
    WILSON and his wife then enjoyed a beautiful early evening
    meal by the pool with their hosts, and were able to experience
    a truly amazing Malaysian sunset.
             Welcome at Miri Airport                           This was so appreciated by the artist, and was a wonderful
                                                            and inspiring beginning to WILSON's MULU experience.

WILSON MEETS THE PRESS                                                       

WILSON held his first Malaysian press conference on Friday
the 16th of January and the press, tourism and Malaysian
airways were in attendance. Mr Robinson introduced WILSON,
and then the group were given the opportunity to hear of WILSON's colourful musical and artistic past, and were further
treated to his guitar playing. WILSON entered the meeting
playing his guitar and proceeded to entertain the guests. This
was a great opportunity to be exposed to and capture the very
essence of this gifted artist. WILSON further commented that,
compared to many other press conferences he found this meeting with the press to be very open and friendly

Press Conference Meeting 
WILSON expressed that he was truly thankful to the owner
    and creator of the Royal Mulu Resort, Dato Robert Geneid,
    for the invitation to be 'artist in residence' for 2009.
    WILSON further commented that both Dato Robert and
    Mr Robinson were clearly men of vision and attuned to the
    arts, and, that the year ahead will be an exciting artistic and
    musical journey in harmony with the natural beauty and
    tranquility of the Royal Mulu Resort.

    Prior to the press conference WILSON was found in the
    Marriott lobby entertaining one of the guests.

               Marriott Lobby Performance  


WILSON felt humbled by the welcome he and his wife Yvonne
were given by the staff at the 'Royal Mulu Resort'. It was an
experience that is etched in WILSON's memory for all time.
Yvonne also felt very honoured and moved to be greeted by
the staff at the resort, and as their guest, have them perform
a traditional 'Warrior Dance'. The Resort had also created a
special 'WILSON' drink for the drinks menu. A further honour
was given when Yvone was asked to raise the flag in their
morning flag ceremony.

                                                                                                              The Warrior Dance

After a couple of days at the resort WILSON and his wife were invited to meet with Dato Robert in Kuching.
WILSON appreciated meeting with Dato Robert before settling into the work in hand, and was very impressed by the love and passion that Dato Robert expressed for the wonderful Royal Mulu Resort which he has created in the heart of the Sarawak Rainforest jungle. When asked to comment on the resort WILSON said quite simply ......'After only a few days we feel this wonderful resort is truly an absolute
'MASTERPIECE of TRANQUILITY' ...... WILSON was last seen entering the jungle this morning (26th January)
seeking the sound of silence.  As WILSON settles into his rhythm, the management at the resort are setting
up an Art and Music studio in an area of the resort where the guests can watch the artist at work.

WILSON's Journey will be documented regularly on his 'JOURNAL' pages on his website.