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The Spa

What better way to relax after enjoying your day’s adventures than with one of the many treatments that is available at the Spa.
Soothing Massage… (60 minutes)   Foot Bath….(30 minutes)
This soft medium pressure massage. Working on superficial layers of muscle to promote circulation and relaxation.  

Pamper your feet with lemongrass essential infused water. This treatment help rid off excessive perspiration and athletes’ foot on your feet. Start with an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cell, foot mask, regenerative massage and lastly a spray of peppermint mist for refreshing feel.


Foot Reflexology…(30 minutes)

This treatment focuses on the reflex zone of the body located in the feet. The reflexologist will massage points in the feet to regulate the circulation system, which has a relation to every organ of the body. The purpose of this course of treatment is to normalize the body functions to help ease tension, to reduce stress and improve nerve functions and improve blood throughout the body.