Visit The Brnad New Royal Mulu Spa

The Mulu Spa is a recent addition to the resorts leisure facilities. What better way to relax after enjoying your days adventures than with one of the many treatments that is available at the Spa.

Blackpepper Detox...
(2 Hours) RM 280.00
The signature treatment of the Royal Mulu Spa. Feel fresher and energised
by going through this treatment.
It starts off with a body cleanser and scrub to clean off dead skin cells, followed by a massage using a blend
of blackpepper essential oils, a body mask/wrap and ends with body toning. The benefit of this treatment is to rid
the body of toxins and water retention
in the body, keeping the body warm, regulate the digestive system and ease muscle and joint problems.

Soothing Massage...
(60 Minutes)
Indoor RM140.00
Outdoor RM120.00

This is a soft medium pressure massage. Working on superficial layers of muscle to promote circulation and relaxation. Each additional 30 minutes is charged
at RM60.00

Remedial Massage...
Full Body (60 Minutes)
Indoor RM180.00 - Outoor RM160.00
Half Body (30 Minutes)
Indoor RM120.00 - Outdoor RM100.00

Systematic and Scientific manipulation
of all soft tissue of the body for a therapeutic or remedial purpose.
it relaxes tight or spastic muscle.
Improves secretion function, restores
and increases supply to all vital organs
in the body.Recommended after mountain climbing or any physical activity. A choice of blended Aromatherapy oils.

Pressure Massage...
(60 Minutes)
Indoor RM140.00 - Outdoor RM120.00

This massage technique use firm pressure to penetrate deep in to the muscle tissue and aims to release hidden tension.
Each additional 30 minutes is charged
at RM60.00

Directive Spot Massage...
(15 Minutes)
Indoor RM70.00 - Outdoor RM50.00

This massage is specially for tired legs after a long day. It compliments the other treatments in our Spa. It can help to heal specific problems like sinu, headache/migrane, lumbago, stiff neck and constipation. Pure essential oil of pepermint and lavender are used for this massage.

Foot Reflexology...
(30 Minutes) RM70.00
This treatment focuses on the reflex zone of the body located in the feet.
T the reflexologist will massage points
in the feet to regulate the circulation system, which has a relation to every organ of the body. The purpose of this course of treatment is to normalise the body functions to help ease tension,
to reduce stress and improve nerve functions and improve blood supply throughout the body.

Aromatherapy Massage...
(60 Minutes)
Indoor RM180.00 - Outdoor RM160.00

Using a blend of essentual oils from around the world, enjoy the choice of massage treatments:-

A. Relaxation & Stress ( relax ones mind and remove the stress of life)
B. Aches & pains (Feel rejuvenated, free  of aches and pains)
C. Firming & Skin Tone (For a firmer and fresher looking skin)
D. Cellulite & Fluid Retention (Reduction of cellulite from troubled areas)

Each additional 30 Minutes is charged
at RM70.00

Aromatherapy Facial ...
(60 Minutes) RM180.00
This gentle yet refreshing facial treats
all skin types, It rejuvenates an calms tension in ones face. The treatment includes a lumphatic facial massage to maintain a smooth, healthy skin tone.

Deep Cleansing Exfoliating
Body Scrub...
(60 Minutes) RM140.00
This deep cleansing exfoliating body scrub softens the skins and eliminates dead skin cells and impurities, Containing Lavendar and Rosemary essential oils with corn cob as it's base to ensure you feel fresh and renewed.

(30-40 Minutes)

(40-50 Minutes)

Manicure & Pedicure...
(70-90 Minutes)

Hydrotherapy Bath...
with Aromatherapy Face, Neck & Body Massage...
(90 Minutes) RM320.00
Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy uses the healing power of water enhanced with pure essential oils to calm or stimulate your senses and leave you in complete bliss.

A choice of Spa Bath:

Hydrating & Regenerative:

Specially blended pure essential oils of Palmarosa and Geranium, gives you a warm relaxing and intoxicating feel, also helps to promote beautiful skin.

Awakening & Therapeutic:

Pure essential oil of Tangerine and Lemongrass, stimulates and refreshesyour mind and senses. Particularly suitable for problem skin.

The Royal Mulu Spa Packages are specially put together for you to enjoy
a combination of treatments at a very special price.

The Spa is open Daily from 11am till 11pm

Techok Malinau...
(90 Minutes) RM195.00
Start with a soothing foot bath,
followed by an aromatherapy body massage of your choice.

Bitoh Apoi...
(2 Hours) RM260.00
Begin with a relaxing foot bath,
followed by a foot reflexology session
ending with a full body remedialmassage.

Likok Lineng...
(2 Hours) RM380.00
Start with an exfoliating body scrub,
followed by a relaxing spa bath and foot reflexology session
ending with an aromatherapy face, neck and body massage.