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Guest Comments



"ALAN you're the man General Manager"

"Vamos ! RMR  is the best,"

"The last time I am  in Mulu was in 2006, now....its perfect, beautiful , I love the beach Front Reserve"

"Now I feel like going there again to enjoy the quietness & the greens"

"Congratulations to all the people there, good luck all the best, god bless you all"

~ Mohammad Ali Abdul Rahman (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


"Culinary Delight "

Dear Chef Nelson

"We had such a wonderful time in Malaysia especially in Royal Mulu Resort"

"A memorable stay with superb meals & atmosphere

"We read the reviews on Trip Advisor webpage before we went & after we came back & thought that those comments were unfair. We would 100% recommend our friends to go to Royal Mulu Resort"

"Thank you again for your  hospitality & excellent food"

"Hoping that when you come to Perth we can meet again, Best wishes for your future career"

~ Daranee & Gary ( Perth - Australia )


"Great Experience"

"Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Mulu"

"Thank you for the great hospitality" 

~ Trevor & Liz McCartney



"Thank you for the wonderful stay! I'll absolutely come back again!!" 

~ Lt. Col. Lars Enlund


"Thank you for looking after us all so well.  A tremendous visits with great memories" 

"All the staffs were excellent!"

~ Col. Paul Edwards


"Thank you for your hospitality. I enjoyed very much!!" 

~ Col. Shuya Haseba


"Thanks a lot for your kindness.  It has been pleasure sharing these days with you."

~ Capt. (N) Joaquin Ballesteros


"A delightful location, great venue and hospitality"

"Thank you to all staff for a good job!!"

~ Commander Nick Hart


"Thank you for your service and hospitality.  Well done!"

~ Mejar Ahmad Rizakee



~ Lt. Col. Kindt & Fam


His Serene Highness (H.S.H) Prince Albert II of Monaco

"Mulu is an absolutely Wonderful & Beautiful Paradise...DO MULU!!!!" 

"Many, Many, Many thanks for an unforgettable (too short) stay! Terima kasi!"

~ H.S.H Prince Albert II


"What a wonderful experience!"

"Pristine nature, warm and smiling people, impeccable service."

"The Ritz in the jungle!!!"

~ Francesco Bongiovanni


"Mulu is PARADISE!!"

"We will be back - with all our gratitude for your wonderful hospitality"

~ Evelyne Genta


"Absolutely perfect!"

"Wonderful hotel, wonderful staff, wonderful company!!!"

~ Achilleas Kallakis


"Do Mulu!"

"Thank you very much for all the hospitality at this World Heritage Resort of Mulu!!!"

~ Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang


"Wonderful place to stay"

To Janice, Brenda, Steve, Chief Michael, Johana, Chef Nelson, and everyone else at the Royal Mulu Resort. 

Hi, I'm the American from Chicago who was at the resort for a week.  I wanted to write you all to say what a wonderful place the Resort is.  I travel a lot and I fly almost every week of the year.  I have been to every state in the United States (except Hawaii); I have been to every country in the North and South America (except Bolivia, Peru, and Suriname), and I have been to almost every country in Europe (except Latvia and Portugal). 

So, I have a very wide experience of hotels and resorts, and I want to say yours is one of the Very Best.  I don't know if it is a Malaysian custom or a Royal Mulu Resort custom, but it is really wonderful to be greeted everywhere with nice smiles and hellos.  It seems simple -- it is simple!! -- but it is very important.  And everyone I met was very friendly and genuinely interested in talking.  In many places, the employees are tired or unhappy, and they don't want to talk. 

I think you are all exceptionally lucky to have jobs in the Resort.  It is a lovely part of the world, and a great place to work.  They have a saying in English,   "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".  I think that in Mulu, that is not true.

Thank you for a wonderful week ~ Jim


His Royal Highness (H.R.H)

Sultan and his Prince Raja Muda of Selangor

"Very nice and beautiful!!"

~ D.Y.M.M Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and D.Y.T.M Tengku Amir Shah



Kuching, Sarawak.


"Thank you for the special hospitality at Royal Mulu Resort."

~ Adi Litia Samanunu


"It has been a most rewarding experience to learn about Sarawak’s beautiful landscape and people."

~ R. L. Narayan


"This is the most exciting experience that I have ever done.  I will cherish this memory forever."

~ Lee Young June


"Wonderful experience, exciting place and comfortable stay.  Thanks a lot!"

~ Talat Munir & Iffat Munir


"Unique experience in breathtaking surroundings, only matched by the friendliness of everybody"

~ Andre & Rosemarie Simmen


"It was great, next time I’ll invite my friends to visits this beautiful place!!!!!"

~ Zeljko


"I am lucky to visit Malaysia and stay at Royal Mulu Resort is the most

memorable experience ever!"

~ Akbar Ryskulov


"It’s the most interesting I have ever!!"

~ K.P.H Drs Rusdihardjo


"Thank you for your perfect service and a wonderful hospitality."

~ Dana Hunatova


"We have enjoyed the visits very much.  We hope to come back!!!"

~ Alenjandro A. Gordillo & Mare


"An amazing labyrinth of caves and rivers!"

~ Dr. Peter Schweizer


"Two days, one night BUT memories of a lifetime! Thank you and stay natural forever!!"

~ Ashok Kumar & Gouri


"Thank you very much! The Resort & SPA is very good.  We will come again!"

~ David Gachoki Njoka


"This is Malaysia’s National Treasure.  It must be kept unspoilt at all cost."

~ Mahalil & Hazel


"Royal Mulu & Taman Negara Mulu is Magical!"

~ Mahmud Abu Bekir A. Taib



"Terima Kasih Banyak!"

~ Colonel Paul R. Morneult & Mrs. Celeste Morneult


"Royal Mulu Resort is Fastastic!"

~ Colonel Li Jun


"We enjoyed the stay very much, thank you!"

~ Commander Kirsten Kramer


"An enjoyable trip. Thank very much!"

~ Captain (Navy) Fausto Surace


"Your effort mostly appreciated. Thanks a lot!"

~ Captain (Navy) Cem Aziz Cakmak



~ Colonel Julian Czyzyk


"Thank you so much!"

~ Colonel Vladimir Afanasenkov


"A most memorable visit. Thank you so much!"

~ Commander Chris Forbes


"Fantastic Nature!"

~ Lt. Colonel Kim Kie Hwan


"Once in a life time experience, WOW!"

~ Colonel Krisda Norapoompipat


"Great experience!"

~ Colonel Alejandro Algo Estomo


"A most enjoyable time we spent here.  Many Thanks!"

~ Captain (Navy) Quentin Vichot & Family


"The fantastic tourism destination."

~ Colonel (Army) Hartind Asrin


"Great Adventure!"

~ Colonel (Army) Sulistiyanto & Family


"Very enjoyable and thank you very much!"

~ Captain (Navy) Nuttapol Diewvanich


"We really could enjoy the great nature!"

~ Colonel Tatsuo Hoshikawa


"Terrific experience and outstanding hospitality!"

~ Isabelle, Bruce & Tove-Lise D. Acker


"Thank you for the assistance and the excellent hospitality service.  I'll be back in the future!"

~ Captain Mohd. Zaidi Zain


Her Royal Highness Tunku Mariam Sultan Iskandar and her

Princess Tengku Soffieya of Johor


"Breathtaking! Fascinating! Shall come back again!!"

~ Y.A.M Tunku Mariam Zahrah Iskandar and Y.A.M Tengku Soffieya



"The most memorable stay and thank you for the hospitality!"

~ Tan Sri Zainal A. Sulong


"Fantastic resort!! I will coming back with my family"

~ Datuk Karuna Karan


"Fantastic place! Looking forward to return again soon!!!"

~ Ismail Abdullah


"Unforgettable holiday!"

~ Datuk Zainun Aishah Ahmad


"Good and nice holiday!"

~ Shamsudin A. Majid


"Excellent! I will return."

~ Dato’  Ghazali Dato’ Yusoff



Dato Seri Effendi Norwawi

"We had a most unforgettable experience here"

~ Dato Seri Effendi Norwawi, Tiara, Mila & Dani



Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong

Minister of Urban Development and Tourism


"With MASwings launch of direct flight from Kuching -

hopefully more tourists will come to Mulu"

~ Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong


His Excellency Mohammed Al-Tobi

(Oman Delegate –Ministry of Tourism)

Oman Delegate

 “The most impressive elements in this wonderful resort are the friendly, warm hearted staff…. Congratulations and all the very good luck, the quality of service is stunning too…

~ ~Mohammed al- Tobi



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