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Chef’s own creation of Caesar salad with crispy bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, grated egg, roasted tomato, garlic crouton and cheese pailletes.

RM 32.95



Marinated chicken with its exquisite Asian taste tenderly wrapped with Mexican tortilla bread and deep fried golden brown. Served with Homemade BBQ sauce and sour sauce.


RM 34.95



Combination of Sarawakian traditional ethnic cuisine. Consist of prawn umai (prawn sushi), chicken pansuh (chicken braised in bamboo), tunuk fish lerik (BBQ fish meat in Lerik leaf) and tebaloi crackers (the traditional Sago crackers from Melanau community).


RM 34.95



Mixed garden lettuce with spicy chicken, smoked turkey, roast beef and cheese with your choice of dressing, vinaigrette, thousand island, creamy French or blue cheese.



RM 30.95

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CAPPUCINO BITTEN LAAN                                            

Local specialty rice soup prepared in modern way, served with vegetables brunoise, paprika cheese stick and mushroom dumpling.


RM 28.95



SPICY TOM YAM KUNG                                                   

A traditionally delicacy of southern Thailand served with prawns, lemon grass, kafir lime leaf and bread.



RM 28.95


SUP EKOR LEMBU                                                            

A traditional aromatic soup delicacy of Indonesia with fried onion, cucumber and spring onion.



RM 28.95


MULIGATAWANY SOUP                                                  

A concoctions of mince beef cooked with Indian spices and served with rye bread.



RM 28.95

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          Pasta & Noodles

CHICKEN & MUSHROOM LASAGNE                            

Oven baked with tomato concasse, parmesan & mozzarella cheese served with light tomato sauce.


RM 38.95


SPAGHETTI PESCATORA                                                 

Spaghetti pasta mixed with seafood, capers, chili padi, anchovies and black olive with choice of garlic cream sauce, white sauce or tomato herbs sauce.


RM 38.95


SPAGHETTI PRIMAVERA                                                

Spaghetti pasta tossed with garlic and selected vegetables cooked with our homemade tomato sauce served in lerik leaf.

From Italy to Mulu…


RM 38.95


TRADITIONAL SARAWAK LAKSA                                             

Your journey is not complete if you have not tried our ancient authentic recipe of Sarawak. Served in a “BIG BOWL”. Dare to try…


RM 32.95


KONG FOO CHOW                                                            

Your choice of yellow mee, kwey teow or mee hoon with chicken, eggs, prawn, fish cakes, crab ball and shredded vegetables with gravy or without. Ask for it…

RM 32.95


JESSELTON CURRY MEE                                                  

Yellow noodles, prawns, chicken, beancurd and beansprout cooked in rich coconut gravy with curry leaf.



RM 32.95


INDIAN MEE MAMAK                                                       

Yellow noodles wok-fried with chicken, prawns, fritters and homemade chili paste served with sambal belacan and calamansi.


RM 32.95

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          Vegetarian Heaven


Choice of wildfern or midin stir with shrimp paste or garlic. Served with steam rice.


RM 30.95



“MUN FUN”                                                                      

Wok fried crunchy broccoli, carrots, young corn, cauliflower, snack beans with thickened gravy poured over plain rice.



RM 30.95



SIZZLING TOFU                                                                 

Deep fried smooth Japanese tofu with sautéed carrots, assorted mushroom, capsicum in vegetarian oyster sauce served on a sizzling hot plate with rice.



RM 30.95



MOGHUL CURRY                                                              

Northern Indian styled braised cauliflower, carrots, brinjal, cabbage in spices and mild curry paste accompanied by acar, papadam and steam rice.



RM 32.95

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         Lite Meals

FRENCHY CONNECTION                                                 

Toasted or plain French loaf filled with your choice of turkey ham, roast beef, roast chicken, cheese, coleslaw and salad.

RM 30.95


ROYAL CLUB HOUSE                                                       

Triple Decker toasted homemade bread from our pastry kitchen served with roasted chicken, slice beef bacon, fried egg, cheese, coleslaw and fries.



RM 35.95


GRILLED PITA BREAD SANDWICH                              

Filled with beef or chicken marinated with Middle East spices, accompanied by onion, chili, tomato, cucumber salad, hummus and low fat mini yoghurt.


RM 30.95


BRUSHETTA POMODORO                                                          

Toasted Italian foccacia bread topped with tomato, onion, olive oil and tomato basil salsa.


RM 28.95


BURGER’S LOVERS                                                                       

Grilled burgers choice of chicken or beef patty with bacon, eggs, cheese, tomato, cucumber, gherkins, coleslaw and lettuce on a toasted sesame seed bun with fries.



RM 38.95

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          Malaysian & Asian Cuisine

MALAYSIAN SATAY                                                                       

A dozen sticks of chicken, beef or lamb satay served with spicy peanut sauce, “Nasi himpit”, onion and cucumber.

RM 30.95


PRAWN SAMBAL                                                               

Prawns cooked in spicy sambal sauce served with Bario rice and pickles.



RM 36.95


ROYAL NASI GORENG                                                      

Spicy nasi goreng, chicken, prawns and vegetables garnished with satay, and sago crackers.



RM 32.95


MULU CHICKEN CURRY                                                

Braised chicken cooked in spicy coconut gravy served with Bario rice and pickles.



RM 32.95


CHICKEN “KUNG-PO”                                                      

Stir-fried chicken with chili, onions, capsicum and cashew nuts. Served with steam rice.


RM 34.95


FOO CHOW SWEET & SOUR                                          

Classical Sarawakians Chinese cuisine. Breaded fish fillet with Bario pineapple, capsicum, cucumber and onion served with white rice.



RM 34.95


ORIENTAL BEEF                                                                 

Slices of tender sirloin, capsicum, onions, ginger and spring onion, wok fried in oyster sauce, paired with plain white rice.



RM 36.95

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        House Specialties

THE ISTHMUS SHANK                                                                   

Braise lamb shank marinated with rich lemongrass and wild flower stock. Served with mashed potato, sweet pumpkin, blanched “Snake Beans” accompanied by acar and keropok. Take a picture with this dish….


RM 80.95



HOT & SOUR OXTAIL                                                                  

Tired for whole day exploring Mulu Caves? Try our signature dish in Royal Mulu Resort. Served with mixing of Italian rice, tapioca leaf, braised siew pak choy, Indian papadam and dressed with wildflower buds.



RM 76.95



FISHERMAN TREAT CHAMBER                                                 

Foil baked marinated whole “PATIN” river fish or “BLACK SEABASS” ocean fish served with stir fried wild fern, sambal fried rice, acar and keropok.



RM 76.95



SIRLOIN STEAK CAFÉ’ DE PARIS                                                           

Sizzling Sirloin Steak crowned with herbs butter, served with blanched carrots, potato skewer and drizzle of famous Sarawak black pepper sauce.



RM 86.95


STEAK AND MUSHROOM PIE                                                    

Tender braised beef chunks with button mushroom, potato and carrots in demi glace, covered with puffy pastry accompanied by fruity garden salad.



RM 58.95


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           The Sweet Temptations

PANDAN CRÈME BRULEE                                                                       

Crème brulee flavoured with ‘MULU’ pandan (screwpine) served with sesame tuile in cocktail glass.


RM 30.95


TROPICAL SABAYON                                                                   

Fresh tropical local fruits with touch of Italian sabayon flavoured coffee & kahlua. Accompanied by marinated Sarawak pineapples and finish with black pepper ice cream.


RM 36.95


BORNEO POETRY DESSERT                                                        

An ancient  dessert with modern feel. A Malaysian rumble cake with banana, sago pearls compote and basmati rice langkau pudding.


RM 32.95


CHOCOLATE SAINT 1997                                                             

Fresh bake warm chocolate pudding with coconut and black pepper ice cream. Served with caramel sauce. A winning award 1997 by Chef Nelson…


RM 36.95


SAGO GULA MELAKA                                                                   

Served with palm sugar, coconut milk, whipped cream and cheese cake.



RM 20.95


FRENCH APPLE TART                                                                  

Tart tartin filled with sauté apple, cinnamon vanilla pod and served on banana ice cream.



RM 30.95


THE CAMP SITE                                                                             

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and corn flavour ice cream with chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce. Garnish with potato chips and the nuts.



RM 24.95


MELINAU ON THE SPIT                                                               

A combination of chocolate, yam and corn ice cream served with tropical fruits sprinkled with mix nuts and drizzled black pepper sauce and chocolate rice.




RM 24.95




Ask for it! Choice of our ice cream of the day with selection of condiments…

Additional condiments to add in Coco Crunch, Cornflake, Chocolate Rice, Mix Nuts, Fresh Fruits, Candies, Cookies, Coconut, Cashew Nut or Walnut at RM3.95 each.



RM 6.95


RM 2.95

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