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Activities & Experiences
Body Surfing
Have a splashing time with your loved ones navigating your own route down the stream on a rafting board.
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Night Cruise
For a change, take a night cruise along Tutoh or Melinau rivers and witness nature at work from a totally different perspective.
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Four Show Caves
Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Wind are the four show caves in Mulu popular for their uniqueness and remarkable beauty. Deer and Lang’s Cave are accessible by the convenience of plank walks and concrete path while Clearwater and Wind Cave can be reached by boat up the Melinau River, or by a 4 km nature trail. Deer Cave is well-known for its famous profile of Abraham Lincoln at the southern entrance of the cave. In the evening, you will witness the exodus of bats emerging from the cave foraging for food. Lang’s Cave is the smallest show cave but it offers good opportunities to see some of its inhabitants such as bats and other cave dwellers. Measuring 107 km in length is Asia’s longest cave, the Clearwater Cave. From here you can reach another cave system – the Wind Cave, through a plank walk. It was given such a name because cool breezes can be felt at some parts of the cave.
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Explore the surrounding jungle through an exciting boat ride led by our local tour guide. Visit the local longhouses, or simply enjoy the lush tropical rainforest on the banks of the river.
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Put your limits to the test, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride by renting one of our mountain bikes, tandems or recumbent bikes
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Paddle along the clear and calm waters of Melinau and Tutoh rivers while observing the breathtaking scenery at your own pace.
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Canopy Skywalk
Canopy Walk The 480 metre long Mulu Canopy Skywalk which is the world’s longest tree based canopy walk takes you up in the towering trees where the forest pulses with life, among vivid butterflies, huge insects and lush ferns
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The Pinnacles
Enjoy a longboat ride to the beginning of this easy 3 hour walk to Camp 5. The trail to view the Pinnacles is only 2.4km long but rises 1200 metres and the last section is nearly vertical with ropes and ladders. A person of good health and average fitness would take approximately 10 hours to ascend and descend the Pinnacles. If you are fit, then take your time, enjoy the limestone forest and glimpse the tree shrews running past and look forward to a cool swim in the river when you return to Camp 5.
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Headhunter Terrace
Headhunter terrace The headhunter Trail takes you 1 km through the heart of the Mulu rainforest from Camp 5 to Kuala Terikan. Here there are more chances to see giant porcupine, wild boar or macaques than elsewhere in Mulu.
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Mulu Summit
Conquer the 2377 metres Mulu Summit via a 24km steep climb through conifers, stunning rhododendrons, and pitcher plants (definitely not suitable for the unfirt). But if you don’t have 4 days to spare try overnight hike to Camp 1 at and altitude of 300m.
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Lagang Cave
Our newest adventure is Lagang Cave Torchlight tour and it will be a highlight of your visit to Mulu. Learn about the ‘genesis’ of caves you explore the darkness. In the last chambers of this 1.5km cave a ‘light slow’ reveals the true magic of this underground wonderland
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